"...On May 1st 1984 I was killed by a drunk driver...brought back to life with CPR, and was then in a coma for two months..."

I share the story of the challenges my recovery entailed, and the successes of my endeavors.

Before Crash Picture

Car After Crash

First Week Of Coma

Working With Therapist
Michele Sapper received a City of Beverly Hills City Council Proclamation on June 21, 2016
congratulating and commending her for her enormous contributions to the cause of reducing drunk driving casualties
and for her courage and devotion in helping others.

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Proclamation Presentation (2:20)
Michele's Acceptance Speech (4:33)
Michele Sapper teaches scouts about the dangers of drinking and driving, from a victims perspective.
April 5, 2016
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YouTube from 2006 - Part 1 (9:10)

YouTube from 2006 - Part 2 (6:17)

You can listen to an interview I did recently with Linnaea Mallette of Read My Lips Tips for Success.
Michele Sapper Interview

Thank you so much for your interest!  I feel that I was "kept here" for a reason, and that no matter what else I ever do in my life, I will always help in the fight against the drinking driver.

Since 1986 I have spoken to high schools, colleges, and community groups.  I spoke for MADD for ten years, and for ten years to DUI offenders and Gross Speeders as part of their sentence at the Los Angeles County Coroner's "Youthful Drunk Drivers Visitation Program".  

I help to train Law Enforcement Officers.  In 1991 the Los Angeles Police Department made me a Specialist Reserve Officer.  I have received Reserve Officer of the year for my division three times and my bureau twice.  My POST-certified program encompasses the Skills and Knowledge portion of the training program.  Officers who participate in this program receive one hour of continuing education credit.  I am one of the "instructors" for the DRE (drug recognition expert) unit's IDAP program (impaired driver apprehension program).

I have spoken locally, nationally, and internationally.

I am a Toastmaster (Toastmasters is an international public speaking organization) since 1985, and have reached the highest level of achievement, the DTM, which is called the Distinguished Toastmaster.  

The pictures at the left show me before the accident, my crashed car, my first week of coma,  and my rehabilitation with the physical therapist.  The top picture shows me today in my speaker role.

If you would like more information regarding my programs and fees, or would like to book a presentation, please feel free to e-mail: 


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